Manila International Book Fair 2014


Thankfully, we were able to attend the Manila International Book Fair 2014. We went there September 18, Thursday, early in the afternoon. I was with my brother, sister (who is pregnant), and my son. I wasn’t prepared, I guess. My brother invited us to Continue reading

Our Homeschooling Projects

making art - projects

making art – projects

My blog has been asleep for quite some time now. I missed blog writing our daily grind. So now, here it goes.. We’ve finished the first Quarter, we’re now in the middle of second Quarter of this School Year. Trying my best not to bore the little one with daily lectures, quizzes etc. Although Continue reading

Field Trip Rules

MET and Children's Playground, Luneta Park

MET and Children’s Playground, Luneta Park

As homeschoolers, we have the leisure to go on field trips due to flexibility of schedule and ample time to explore and learn outside of our homes. We were told by our homeschooling mommy friend that there was an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum called Continue reading